First person shooting game without coding


A couple of years ago I started to develop a simple FPS game using cryengine and had to stop because at that time there was no proper tool for blender exporting. Now I want to back to game industry. I’m a freelance artist and there are no time to study coding (c++, java etc) but have a little knowledge about c++.
I just download the unreal engine launcher and going to to install UE4. I’m planning to create a simple FPS game like killing enemies and completing missions etc for fun or maybe sell. My question is, can I do that without coding but using blueprints? Thanks


btw - blueprints is really coding just with boxes and lines instead of words.

You still have to use logic to design the game and learn the underlying engine API.

but no semi-columns required!

There are tons of tutorials - good luck!

Hi code7,

Short Answer: YES!

Long Answer:

That is what Blueprints was designed for. So Game Designers can design game mechanics without coding. I’ve been learning the ins and outs of Blueprints for the past Two years and there only a handful of features not accessible via BPs. You can get started using them today here. Run in to difficulties? Ask questions here.

I’m developing a FPS with similar goals as You, using modular Architecture and Entities to customize everything. For the past 2 months, I’ve been developing a Multi-user Collaborative World & Entity Construction / Customization System to make this happen.

I think First-person is completely under utilized in FPS games. The Arms-only Days are over in my opinion. Thus, I’m going for a Full-body True First Person with a 8 Vintage Points in First Person. I call this V8 Perspective:

  1. Full-Bodied Awareness
  2. Full-Body w/ Independent Cam Control
  3. Arm and Weapon Only Corner-View, Locked View w/ Free Arm and Weapon Movement
  4. Hand and Weapon Only Corner|Center View
  5. Reticle/Cursor Only
  6. Gallery: Static Cam w/ Free Reticle/Cursor Movement
  7. Zero Reticle
  8. Bullet View (camera mounted on projectile|melee weapon tip)

To accelerate my progress, I’ve purchased several asset packages from the Marketplace to include Blueprints for AI and other nifty features. Marketplace Assets could be an option for you, if you desire to save a enormous amount of time in exchange of a few dollars.

Please tell us more about your FPS. I’m going for a mixture of aesthetics from Modern, Fantasy, and Futuristic. A Class-based Coop in which you dispatch monsters and enemies in a variety of gruesome ways. A FPS Game that I can put my monster system to work in. It can handle Destructing monsters just as well as constructing them.

I have several original concepts and the skills to implement them to include monetization systems, proc icon/portrait generators, dynamic music sequencing, ADecals - real ads, virtual product packaging. Most of my ideas are born out of ways to do more with less, saving time, and Minimal 3D Art & Animation skills. I’m always up for a collaboration and live discussion with a fellow FPS Developer whenever you are interested.

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Thanks for the reply guys. I just imported a simple mesh from blender. works great

Here are some of the images from my previous game which I postponed in 2014

Hello Code7,

Great screenshots. Are you reviving the the project postponed in 2014?

Thanks for inquiring on Dragon’$ Gold (D$G). More information here.

Yes, But now I’m using unreal engine :smiley:

From the screenshots,

I get a Commando Vibe. Any stealth mechanics? We have another FPS in development that would align better with sort of FPS. Many of the subsystems behind the scenes would be applicable such True First Person Character controller, AI Bots, and more. You could accelerate your development if these system were implemented. We have experienced Blueprints developers working on these systems.

Can you model Characters?

Lets discuss