First person shooter tutorial build

Hi guys,
i just finished the first person shooter tutorial of the wiki.
When i test it inside the editor all goes as expected but when i package it for windows (the build is successful according to the log) if i launch the .exe generated i can see only a black screen.
This happen with all the build that i have created so far as example.

Otherwise if i build the free sample (content example or shooter Game) all goes well.

I’m missing something basilar?

Thanks for any help.


I only need to know what is missing from first person shooter tutorial in order to make it buildable for windows.
I’m really stuck.

I try to explain my problem in a different way :
If i create a blank project with only a walkable surface, light, and a player start if i test inside the editor all goes well, but if i build this project when i launch the .exe i can see only a black screen.
I know that is certainly a stupid problem and i’m missing something basilar, but documentation doesnt help.

In Unity the prerequisite to make an executable of a project is that at least a camera must exist.
What is the prerequisite in Ue4?


Have you tried checking the config files?

If i remember correctly you need to set a specific map that is loaded on startup, i doubt this changed with UE4

it had changed with UE4, you have to set the level path in project settings.

Thanks for your help guys,
You were right, i didnt set in project setting my entry map.