First Person Shooter / Tower Defense

Starting out this forum with a quick intro to what the project is going to be based on as its a little hard to explain :stuck_out_tongue:

The objective of the game

The main objective/s of the game/s is taken from the well known first person genre, two teams set out with one winner and one looser
There are different game modes set out in the full game from the basic TDM to capture the flag, survival and free for all.

The objective of the game is to fight and win against the other team by either shooting them with a wide range of weapons that the player walks around with (see list of composed weapon ideas below) as well as to call in support towers to aid in defending your base / attacking the other team. There are set sites around the maps where towers can be placed, when a player approaches a tower location, the UI will display the options they have available to them. This is updated depending on the players / sites current situation. If there is currently no tower present, the UI will display the controls for selecting and calling in a tower. If however there is currently a tower placed on the site, the option for the player to upgrade, destroy or control it will be present (providing no other player is currently controlling the tower. If there is no tower on the site and the player wishes to call in a tower to be placed on the site, the correct number of points? (may be changed to power) is met by the player, the tower will be brought in by a drop-ship that fly’s into the map and hovers above the tower site ( this will run the animation of the site lifting into the air and collecting the tower, bringing it back down to the ground and then turning on)

When a tower is called in, the other teams defenses have the capability to shoot down the drop ship providing they have Anti Air towers placed. the aim of this game is to have a mixed gameplay mechanic where players can go of and fight the other team while some of the more RTS type players may hang back from the fight and think about placing towers in a more defensive role.

Proposed Weapons In Game

Sniper Rifle -

Pistol -

Knife -

Launcher/s - Anti Personal
- Anti Air

Assault Rifle/s

Grenade/s x4 types

Proposed Towers In Game

125mm Mini-gun Tower

  • Rapid fire mini-gun firing 125mm shells.

Sat-Com Radar Tower

  • Scans area for hostiles.

Inferno Tower

  • Burns targets in range for set points of damage.

Liquid Nitrogen Tower

  • Cools target in range slowing them down / dealing damage.

Voltage Tower

  • Shocks targets in range with Tesla coils. Deals additional damage to electrical based targets

Gateway Tower

  • Opens a portal to a black hole sucking in anything that gets to close / anything within range is dealt radiation damage

Anti Air Tower

  • auto locks on to hostile airborne weapons systems / drop-ships to take them out

Counter Measure Tower

  • Launches flares into the air upon detecting hostile missiles to prevent damage to other towers

Proposed Additional features of the game ? (may or may not be added, depending on feedback)

  • Drop-ship upgrades to call in towers quicker to prevent hostile lock on

  • Drop-ship flares to ward off any incoming missiles

  • Defensive Weapons Platform called in at (set) cost, used for limited time to attack a set area with turrets and launchers

  • User controlled vehicles e.g. tanks, other transport items ect…

All towers have an upgrade system where there max range / power / features can be upgraded to deal more damage. I plan to make this a PS4 / PC game with the hope of being able to have a cross play function between the two platforms.

This is just a sketch up of an idea ive had for a while now and was just wanting to know if yay, its a great idea or nay, change this or make this as it would be a better experience for the user

Would much appreciate the feedback on what you peeps think of this as a game and if it should include a story mode or not as ive had a few ideas for a story but keeping them under wraps for now

apologies for the typos that may be in here :stuck_out_tongue: Sam