First Person Shooter Template

Hi! Where I can found FPS Template? Base too… or advanced with enemy spawn…
Thanks again

Marketplace > ShooterDemo

Once installed, hit Launch.

Go to Open Project


It’s not a template but you can mess around and learn from it and be able to create your own from it!

You’re very gentle,but… in the window of Marketplace I can found Shooting Game by Epic Games with under the text: " FREE - COMING SOON"! no download here…
Any Content in Marketplace report me on the right " FREE - COMING SOON"…

Can you click it? When it says free, it should have a download button. Try pressing the tile? If not, close and re-open Unreal.

It’s incredible brother… I exit and out from Unreal Engine and Marketplace hundred times! I tried click on Free, I tried click on Coming Soon… on the image… Nothing… nothing… nope! I believe that I’m the once to the world with this trouble! :()
I don’t know if the problem is… Windows 8.1…

I’m using Windows 8.1 and I downloaded it fine.

Try asking on the Answerhub:

Very thanks… I tried… I’m wating… the end of the world… :slight_smile:

Unless you are looking for the FPS template project - if you create a new project then scroll down there is a starter project for 1st person in c++ and blueprint form.