First Person Shooter Linux Networking Help Needed


Recently I created a thread regarding a new CoD4 like First Person Shooter which I along with my team is working on. Now we got some new game development team merging with us for this project. But they want some demo for the networking part which we will implement in this multiplayer game.

So, I need help on how to do the simple networking for multiplayer games with the demo First Person Shooter sample which is already included with the Unreal Editor. When I open up a new project in Unreal Editor with the preference of First Person Shooter it provides me a demo or example of a First Person Shooter game with ball gun and two hands with the camera. I want to keep this demo as it is. Just want to add a menu where my server IP with ping will show up. I want to setup a dedicated server in my CentOS web server to just make a test run. The server preference would be just to limit how many players can join, only for this demo project. And from inside the game’s menu of joining the server players will be able to join the same demo level and they will be able to shoot each other. I want to do just this for a demo. No more things needed. In short just a linux dedicated server with player limiter. Unreal Editor’s First Person demo project to have a menu where players can join the server and play in the same demo level with each other. Just shoot at each other to see the synchronization and latency effect with the server. I have already learned blueprint networking from this tutorial playlist at youtube

But this describes everything about blueprint networking in a listen server. But I want to do everything following this tutorial but only convert the listen server to a Linux Dedicated server with a server configuration file having the values of server port, server ip, max players etc.

Guys please guide me through this thing. How can I do this in the simplest and reliable way with Unreal Editor and my Linux Server.
Thanks in advance…

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I have not delved into networking with UE4, But I have extensively read up on it and created simple chat programs with windows sockets.

From my brief readup on UE4 for networking:
Any important variables that need to be synced between clients need to be set to “replicate”, Examples: Player transforms, Bullet transforms, Etc.

As to the connecting:
I saw a tutorial about working with sessions to host/find games.