First Person Shooter infected zombie

Scenario : Infect 1.0

Very simple. One hunter team with modern gun ( not futurist), are in the a simple custom map. Depends the number of people, the hunters have random spawn but they stay with 1 or more member in the same group. 1 zombie will spawn same time in one of this group. Battle begin !!
The player control hunter and Zombie. Not IA in this game.

Game Goal :

The goal is hunter must survive with team mate in allotted time.
The goal, for the player, is make the best scores with killing zombies. Or, Infect the maximum hunter as possible when you are a zombie.

Round restart when all player are infect.

Includes :

  • Prestige System.
  • Statistique distribution point ( like rpg ).
  • FPS playable in Hunters AND Zombies.
  • Dark atmosphere for Hunters.

What I need :

***1 Game Designer

1 Programmer ( only BluePrint logic and, maybe, basic code )***

My project is very simple with no high graphic, no high detail map but It has some base logic like :

Before Last Hunter will be the 1st zombie next round.

Choose between 3 classes : Assault / Heavy / Sniper so program different weapon.

Zombie only has knife but more speed like hunter.

Last survivor will has a speed boost.


Conclusion :

Why Infect project ?

This game will be different compare other infected game. In fact, when I see Infected Mod in Call Of Duty with zombie killed with only 1 or 2 bullets. It’s absolutely absurd.

I have a game which have very balance team and give good moments when you are zombie or hunter.

I have a simple sentence : " Simple things are the best ".

Contact :

You can send me a mail in this email. ***If you are interest and I will give you my PDF with all task and step to construct Infect : [EMAIL=“”] ***

or respond here .

This game will be very simple and very efficient.

Thanks for reading.

Sorry for my bad english but i’m learning hard =°)