First Person RPG Melee Combat System

I want to create a first person melee combat system in UE5 that includes a sword a shield a bow and arrow and maybe 1 magic effect like fireball or heal. The issue is I already know how to do it in blueprint and I want to do it in C++. Every single source I have found so far has done this system in blueprint only. Are there any tutorials for this in C++ or anyone willing to teach me. I already have good C++ knowledge but not for UE5

Hey there @WarDemonVishra! Welcome to the community! So generally, you’d actually use mostly the same methods as you do when creating it with Blueprints. If you need a good handle on the way Unreal handles with purely C++ I cannot recommend Tom Looman’s writeup enough. It’s just amazing at getting a good hand on C++ in Unreal especially if you already understand C++. With this and the documentation, you may be able to port your previous system entirely to C++.

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