First Person Rig Requirements?

I have a question regarding skeleton requirements that have not yet been mentioned. I know if that the 3d mesh does not fit the guidelines of a humanoid that a custom skeleton can be used. But in this case it does fit the released third person skeleton but it does not use all of the bones. So my question are;

1.) what are the guidelines for something like a set of arms that will not utilize all the bones on the third person skeleton?

2.) Can we simply use the skeleton from the first person game character and apply it to our mesh?

3.) if we should modify the third person skeleton released to the community what are the guidelines on that? Free game to hack away and still will be accepted into the market place?

Just trying to figure out what we can and cannot do in order to make sure we fit the epic guidelines.

awesome arms. sorry no answer to your questions.

I"m wondering this as well - a guideline for partly-humanoid rigs is fairly vaguely vague, if it’s allowed at all, that is :s

Assuming you want to use the Hero_FPP and the First Person template code, then yes. You can export the Hero_FPP skeleton to FBX and then rig your arms to it. When you import your arms back in, select the existing Hero_FPP skeleton in the import dialog. Then, in the Hero blueprint, just swap out the existing mesh for your new one. If you’ve changed the proportions at all, you may need to retarget, but otherwise, everything should Just Work™.

Edit: also, those are really nice arms.

Thanks for the compliment Jeff, We know we can manage to use it we already have it exported and tested skinning. My question is the guidelines on what will Epic accept into the market place. I would like to hear the requirements for something like this, it has been skipped over and very limited info for people not using third person characters.