First person POV, Lock pitch to point on screen?

So, this question isnt worded properly, but I have an issue. I have the YAW setup to where when the player moves his/her mouse to the right or left, the mesh moves with them and turns in the direction of the turn. When it comes to the PITCH, it is as if you are in a “freelook” looking up and down.

What I am trying to do, is get it to where the pitch is locked to a certain point on the mesh. Like in FPS Games, when the player looks up the gun moves with him. Same as going left to right. Please help me figure this out.

Below are my camera settings and the error that happens to me:




So let me get this straight, you want to look up and down until a certain degree and also you want the player’s hands/weapon to follow the movement right?. I’d suggest that you create an animation blend space using the vertical direction where you are pointing to, then in the animation blueprint you create a layered blend per bone and attach a new state with this blend space to the upper body. For the camera I’d manually rotate it, since the player cannot entirely rotate on Pitch using the controller, so I’d get the camera component and add some local rotation passing an FRotator as a parameter with only the Pitch value coming from the mouse, only adding local rotation if the rotation value is < 70 degrees || value > -70 degrees (just as an example, you will have to play with this value) to clamp the maximum pitch you can rotate to.

Hope this helps.

Basically, yes. You know when you play a game such as Battlefield or Call of Duty or any FPS game, when you move your mouse up, the gun follows your mouse. If possible(im fairly new to UE4) can you make your suggestion newbie like?

Well I’m also learning but believe it or not I’m dealing with these issues as we speak, good thing is that I watched a lot of tutorials, I’d highly recommend that you go through this one. It helped me a lot to understand how to work with animations, for the camera bounds it’s very simple, I’ll share some of my code that I’m using to rotate my own camera system, thing is that this system uses a string arm component for the 3rd person view instead of rotating the camera component, check out the LookUp function

What you are trying to do has to do with animations. You need to setup an aimoffset. Youtube has some tutorials.

I have created an aimoffset and still havent been fixed yet. Here is my BP for my animation(Cut into 2 photos labeled parts one a two).

Did you set up the state machines? You will have to blend the bones.

Take a look at my Advanced FPS tutorial series for unreal engine, this should help you!