First person point and click

Hello, im trying to make a first person point and click adventure.
I have no coding background and know 0.001% of blueprints. (need to look at tutorials over and over and still learn nothing)

But what im trying to make is a movement system like the Atlantis game series and mysterious island. (I think myst had that too cannot remember.) Where the character is static and only have mouse to look around. I wanna be able to look in certain direction and when your mouse is pointing in that area , the cursor change from a crosshair to an arrow(as an example), when you click with mouse the character(camera in this case) moves to the next fixed location.

Anyone know how i can make this as simple as possible?

Im gonna tinker abit and see if i can make that myself. Been trying this a few times now but i give up fast.This time i wanna be able too. There is no tutorials for this kind of movement what i have seen.

Kind Regards

There’s no way I can tell you exactly what to do, because this is a ‘whole thing’, but there areas you need to find out about to make this kind of interface are:

  • Change the default land movement mode in the first person character to ‘none’. This will stop the player just walking about.

  • You might use a Widget to show the movement cursor. Or, you could use a mesh in front of the camera

  • You’ll probably need to have ‘locator actors’ ( that’s not a thing ) dotted around the level, so your system knows where the character can move to next.

i have the mouselook character done already. I was thinking, is there a way to use box triggers to trigger from a distance using the “line” tick thing, cant remember the actual name. The basic box in this screenshot should be the boxtriggers

If you aim at them the “line tick thing” check if im aiming at trigger and a mouse click could trigger said box. could that be a possibility?

Line trace would work, but you wouldn’t need box trigger as well. They’re designed for walking into.

You just need ‘things’ the line trace can hit, and they would probably be some sort of non-visible actor.