First person player will not spawn properly

Hello! I am very new to Unreal 4 and cannot seem to figure out why after creating a landscape my first person character will not spawn. All that happens when I press play is the camera spawning in what I would imagine the scene origin is and is frozen in place with no movement allowed. Everything was fine until I created my landscape now it’s not working… Please help I have no idea where to start with this.

You need to start with looking at why you have a big red ‘Blueprint Compile Error’ and, it seems, another Red message about your landscape in PIE!
Your player will spawn at a spawn point so you will need one of those in your landscape - you can look that up. And your player controller needs to posses your pawn or character.
You do not show any information about how your firstperson character is set up or your player controller. A big image of a landscape really does not help. The important stuff is over on the right hand side of your image.
I would suggest you create two new projects - first person with starter content and first person without. Have a good look at them. See how they have done it.

Since you were able to spawn the character before adding the landscape, I’m guessing that your game mode already has the first person character set as the default pawn class. But I would just double check that to ensure that it hasn’t been altered somehow. Also if you have a Player Start actor or the Player Character itself in the level, make sure that it’s not colliding with anything.

My apologies for the crappy picture. I think this one shows my set up a little better. Fixed the compiler error but, for some reason when I hit play I can’t possess the first person character. Again the only change was adding the landscape I have not tampered with the starter content first person bp at all. Is there something wrong with my landscape?

Your Game Mode defaults look fine. Check out the z values of your player start and character’s location and make sure that they’re above the Kill Z value of -1000.

Stormrage beat me to it. A landscape can easily have areas below -1000. That is only 10 metres in human terms.

Yesssssss!!! That did it! Thanks for the help everyone!