First person platformer

I am just starting out learning how to use UE4 and am new to game design. I started a first person platformer games a couple days ago and this is most of what I have done so far.
The game will support oculus rift.
Most of the meshes and textures are placeholders and will(hopefully) be a lot better by the time I finish my game.
The game will have 2(maybe 3) types of collectibles, one that there are many(50-100) scattered around the levels and one that there are a few(5ish) hidden around the level/reward for chellenges.


Oh man, I’m terrible at games like this :smiley: You’ve gotten a long way on this! awesome work.

My only suggestion would be to hint to the player about the plank that falls. The round platforms which flip over, you did a good job of treating different visually so the play understands “hey I need to observe what’s happening here” Give the player some hint about the plank as well, so they can be rewarded for being observant. Really nice work.

I was thinking about maybe having the falling boards shake every second or so.

Here is the exact same video but with music I made last night after I uploaded the video.

Hi Jay Turns. Looks like you have a great start on a FPS Platformer. First-Person Platformers are notoriously known for being extremely frustrating, due to the lack of depth perception. Oculus Support coupled with Full-Body Awareness, could be a winning combination for FP Platformers. There are few FP Platform Games (only Mirror’s Edge comes to mind) and believe theres plenty of room to innovate controls, movement techniques, etc to make it work well.

Good Luck

Mirrors edge is really the only game I can think of that is a first person platformer(kind of). There really aren’t many, but as you said, the lack of depth perception can definitely be frustrating, leading to developers not wanting to make this type of game.
I have a feeling there will be some really good first person platformers coming out withing the next few years though due to the Oculus rift. Hopefully mine will be one of them ;).

looks good so far. :slight_smile:

The level design and style remind me a little bit of the old Croc games :slight_smile:


croc and a few other platformers from the time is what inspired me to start this game. But mostly croc.

Hah, I would say you got the feeling right then! Good old times :slight_smile:

Very good old times :slight_smile: I am glad you think it has the feeling of croc somewhat. I was hoping it would remind people of those games, so I guess I am on the right track.

Hi Jay Turns,

I know we’ve been going back and forth on the AnswerHub, but I’m glad to see your project over here! Keep up the good work as I’m definitely interested in seeing what you accomplish!


Sorry about all the going back and forth. The blueprint door tutorial will accomplish what I wanted, but I have been having trouble setting it up. I will try again in a little bit. The “show 3d widget” option is not there for some reason, I figured might as well try continuing without it, but then when I click defaults there is no x,y, and z boxes where they should be, there is just one box there. I am sure I am just doing something stupid and will figure it out. Thanks for the help!