First Person Parkour System with Animations

I started a project last night to try and make a dynamic parkour/martial arts system with a first person view. I want to see how dizzy this will make people when I add flips and other such mid air things. This is roughly based on the styles of combat and movement of Avatar the last Airbender/Legend of Korra. I even made a model a few days ago of Korra, fully rigged, so I figured that model would be perfect for this project! The animations are not perfect yet, but they do work well and blend togther quite seamlessly.

Currently you can run, slide, jump, and (because it is Korra) control fire!

Today I am planning to add some more complex animations such as a jump twist kick, or a back flip. I have a video here demonstrating my work so far:

In the future I hope to add things like climbing, vaulting, wall running, wall jumping, edge strafing, and possibly, some more advanced avatar powered movement (like jumping really high, or double jumping and things like that).

This isn’t supposed to be an avatar based game (if it becomes a game at all) but I am thinking about it. Not to mention, I believe I need rights to use content commercially based on their show (if I don’t need permissions, please let me know!). So I hope you like this!

Update, here is a new video. I have added double jumping, a slide spin kick, wall jumping, and charge jumping!

Found it hard to watch (not the dizzying aspect). Too much grey everywhere…
Few depth clues and no foreground fixed reference: an arm / sunglasses anything…
So it just looks glitchy overall. Got a better sample level or UE4-freebee to hand?
How about adapting the Zen garden scene or something like that? Just 2 cents
(Even in film first person body cams have to be used sparingly and shadows help).

This is the first version, so I will be working on those points. Thanks for the advice. I just haven’t actually got that far yet.

Cool! Real life parkour is mind blowing, even in films it looks unworldly, Matrix like…
If you supply a reference point: shadow / extended foot / hand / arm it’ll help out.
Real-life parkour shows limbs moving in front of the camera, compare this to this
Even use camera cheats / tricks. Blend from 1st to 3rd person & back (180 slowmo).
Like extreme sports cameras tend to do. But don’t overuse it, or it’ll kill the effect…

Yeah, I love it. My plan for this is to have an avatar fighting and free movement style while being dynamic! I haven’t seen that many first parkour games other than dying light and Mirror’s Edge. I hope to have a good one for my own! I will also be replacing korra with my own character soon.