First-person observation of the player.

Hello everybody. Is it possible in unreal engine 4 in multiplayer shooter to implement first-person observation of other players, as it is done in CS?

Yes it is possible, it is called spectator

Thanks for the answer. Yes, i know about spectator pawn. But what exactly do I need to do so that I can observe the other player in such a way that the basic model is hidden and his hands are visible?

Create your own spectator pawn. Replicate player head camera location and rotation, move spectator some like 20 units forward, and place its camera there. Rest is just multiplayer code.

However in my first reply i assumed you just do not know keyword, what to look for. But now i see you need to learn blueprints at least, so find some blueprint tutorials and start learning.

Thanks for the help. You don’t quite understand. I know a little about blueprints and have already found a solution to my problem.
"Only the owner sees “led me to a dead end, and I couldn’t figure out how to get around the” only the owner sees the model " restriction, and so when I possess the spectator, I couldn’t see the necessary elements other player. By unchecking this option, I was able to implement the same function, but on the needing client
I will show you my solution soon so that new developers can solve this problem if they encounter it.

Here is my solution, but I couldn’t fix some problems.
For skeletal meshes that are only visible in the first person, the default settings should be: visible = false, only owner see = false. When creating character change the visible to true for these skeletal meshes(image 1)
When you move into spectator, you need to pass it a link to the killer or any other character. And after in it already when choosing first person make skeletal mesh visible, but only for this spectator(image2)
But I have a problem. When I possessed to character and switch mode to first person, I can’t observe the pitch camera changes