First Person Hands not following the Player

So i replaced the blue hands from the FP Blueprint with some of my own, assigned the animations again and the textures.

Now when i look up in the game, the camera does look up but the hands are not. its like aiming in the air but the hands are not following the corshair. only when i move left and right they follow but no up or down.

The Green line is the direction my hands are pointing but the red line is where i am looking and therefore the direction, they should point into



Any ideas on how to fix that?

ah damit i forgot to do that :slight_smile: thanks


I’m new to the engine so forgive me if I’m wrong.

In your components for you character blueprint, you want to attach the hands to the camera. The camera being the “Parent” and the “Hands” being the child.

This should make it so the hands will follow wherever the camera goes. How it should be :slight_smile:


No problem

Would you mind setting my answer as correct? It will reassure others with the same problem and also benefit me for obvious reasons. Thank you