First Person Gun Is Invisible

So I am making a game, and the third person gun is viewable, while the first person gun is not. In addition, the bullet fires a little above the scope, and it didn’t used to do this. is there a way to make the first person gun visible, while having the third person gun invisible? plz ask for what you need event graphs of to help me troubleshoot. Yes, I have toggled owner see and owner no see in every possible combination.

Thx, :slight_smile: Logan

Have you also checked “Hidden in game” and “Visible” options?

Hello, Yes Hidden in game is unchecked, while visible is checked. In addition, owner no see and only owner see are both unchecked. Included is an image of the problem.

What you see pictured is the third person gun.

The problem has been solved! I was able to enter “GripPoint” and snap to target in the weapon blueprint event graph.
Thx all!