[First Person Gamemode] Teleport and Set Actor Location not working

I want to have this sort of hub world where a player initially started at this beginning area. So right before they leave and go through a portal of some sort from the hub world, i set up a game instance that tracks the player’s location. When the player comes back to the hub world from the level they were sent to, I want them to spawn near the portal rather than the beginning point. I tried using set actor location and teleport, but neither has worked. Any help?

WHich actor is performing the teleport/setlocation of the player pawn, and when? on Beginplay?

I would be using the level to check the game instance values on an event begin play command.

In the begin play of the character you can call the Set Actor location, you can get the location from the game instance, if it’s a multiplayer game you’ll need to have the server do that by calling a Run On Server event.
The game mode spawns the character automatically if you have the default pawn selected in the World settings window, I personally set that to none and handle the spawning of the character myself in the game mode using the Post login event that way you can control the spawn location etc.

Thank you so much! I was putting the code within the level blueprint. I thought that it was strange that I couldn’t use set actor location with context in the level blueprint!

Only use levelblueprint to make changes to the level (change static actor location etc things that are already in the level), because the begin play of the levelblueprint can trigger before anyone has spawned yet. If your problem is solved please mark your question as solved so other people can find it easier. Thank you :slight_smile: