First person game with third person models

Hi everyone, I want to make a True First Person zombie game, the problem is i don’t know how to use the first person mode for when the character is gonna use a melee attack. Do i use a First person template or is there a way to use melee weapons in the third person mode(with the first person camera mode)

I would really appreciate an answer
Thank you!!

You can use the third person like a first person character if you bin the spring arm and put the camera near the head:

Even like this, when you jump, you get to see the arms.

Or, a better way: Move the boom up to the head and reduce the length to zero:

Thanks for replying, i will follow up on what you said but I have a question.Will the animations such as shooting and attacking using an object(axe or baseball bat) be correctly visible to the camera or not?

Yes, it will be correctly visible.

Thanks for letting me know, really appreciate it