First Person Game Mode OnClicked Event Problems

I’m using a first person game mode and trying to use click event. I don’t want the cursor to show on the screen(I know how to make it invisible) but I don’t know how to make onClicked events trigger from the center of the screen and not mouse position. or if there is a way to make the mouse stay centered. I’m new to ue4

[…] how to make onClicked events trigger […]

Not sure what you mean by that.

You’re not mentioning what is the purpose of that click so here is a very general example of how to detect what the player is currently pointing the camera at when the click occurs:

I mean this

That makes more sense.

If you want to click only on objects the player is looking at, you’ll need to use the line trace I’ve shown above.

Create a custom event in the object you wish to click and call it from the left mouse button click after casting.