First Person (FPS) Template to 3rd Person Camera Switch?

Hi guys, first time posting here :slight_smile:

I’ve been looking around for various ways to figure out my problem, but I can’t seem to get the specific answer I need… I want to create a game that uses the first person template as default (ie. guns and gun animations, other weapons, etc.), but I also want to add a 3rd person camera that shows the character, what armour they have on, etc. with the gun/weapon in-hand also, so you can engage in combat in both 3rd and 1st person.

If anyone can help me out with any kind of information it’ll be widely appreciated :slight_smile:

You need to make 2 different player pawns.
First it will be first paerson onem second should be character and 3rd person.
Then swap them when player zooms out.

However this will be nightmare for setting in multiplayer game.

Why not just switching the camera?

Because first person pawn has only arms. Merging first person pawn with character pawn may be quite complicated for somebody new to unreal.
I did not look into that, so i am not sure if merging would work, I know that swapping pawns will.

Unreal is huge engine and usually when you try doing something it was not designed for it feels like you are into kicking contest with a horse.
I got many of those contests lost, so unless you ready for some pain do not try to fight unreal, it will comply seemingly but then you discover that because of your hack something else got totally wonky.

What’s the problem if he has more than only arms?

I’m really not following you.

There’s plenty of games and tutorials on how to switch between cameras.

You can make two different states for first and third person and swap, use the yaw, change camera, ecc

First he want to use first person game template. And it has only arms. So he needs to extend it with player character.
To make player character behave properly you need to subclass it from PlayerCharacter, else you are into programming all those character movement animations.
And I am unsure how pawn that is inherited from it will behave when you want to see from first person and swap character mesh with just arms.
This is where unreal may do weird things, I also assume that he wants to make this game multiplayer later, playercharacter (and first person pawn) have a lot of replication already codded in. It is potentially can of worms. Also second condition was something easy to do for beginner, i think hidding or destroying character pawn and spawning first person one is easiest to do.

Do you have any tutorials/videos on how to do this?

Also, thank you all for the responses!

You could take the mesh and anim bp from the TP template and add that on to the FP template easily. For a basic camera system just use a single camera on a variable-length springarm (set to 0 for FP). When a perspective toggle is called set the only visible to owner bool as relevant to each component and extend the springarm.