First-person FOV for Components

I just noticed that one of my most anticipated cards was listed as DONE for 4.9.

I’ve checked the Master and 4.9 branches on GitHub but I have failed to find any commit or code for this. It is also not in the 4.9 preview as far as I can see.

Has anyone come across this yet or knows a way of finding the committed code?


For anyone also looking for doing this in their game, this code example is available.

This issue with this is that by modifying the render matrix works perfectly but causes socket locations for attached components such as particles to have the incorrect locations. Modifying the render matrix of skeletal mesh components that are attached fixes the issue, but doing the same for the render matrix of the particles does not work. I hope that Epic’s implementation allows socket locations to work correctly and also has some way of stopping the mesh from clipping through walls.

Sorry to bump again but 4.9 just released and this great engine addition can not be found.

I’m guessing at this point that it missed the deadline for 4.9 and will probably be saved for 4.10.

seems to be delayed. I’m very interested in this also but will have to wait I think ^^

Anyone have an update on this?

I would love this feature right now. Looks like I’m holding a little toy gun in first person.


Does this reach 4.10 or have that been delayed ?