First Person Example Arms Clip Through World

What’s the unreal way of making it so the first person arms don’t clip through the world? Usually this is handled by rendering the player HUD and arms using a separate camera. How do you set that up? Also I don’t want the players floating arms to be visible in reflections.

Any advice is welcome thanks!

Adjust your collision?

Hey, you can look at the component area of the character pawn blueprint and adjust the players arm position ( I find the templates arms are too far forward ) then also adjust the collision of the player so that the arms collide with the wall (you may get some weapon clipping but it’s a start) then maybe look at adding an animation to lower or raise your weapon when too close to the walk to make it feel more natural? Just a thought

Easiest way is just to make your CapsuleComponents radius bigger, so your arms cant physically collide with the wall anymore.

But well, that is also just a little hack, a better way would be to use an animation to lift your arms if they are colliding.

Regarding the floating arms, you can just uncheck alot of things in your armsComponent. You can uncheck CastShadows for example, but I actually don’t know if you can disable reflections that way.

It’s not really practical or at least overly complicated to use animation to lift the arms. Consider if you are walking into another player or enemy and you need to shoot at them, at some point you are going to clip through.

The arms already don’t cast shadows, but they do show up in reflections which looks like disembodied arms. Consider a mirror surface. I’m surprised the engine doesn’t have a simple way to address this, it’s a pretty basic thing.

This image demonstrates the disembodied hands pretty well. I true mirror surface would probably be unacceptable. Anyone else have any thoughts?

The template version I suspect is rather limited to just get things going and when it comes to using proxies is generally best practice to not use anything close to completed art. Using a player reference for example in my opinion the scale of the first person hands in the temple are to big.

What I believe the ideal is to use one of the sample files as the rolling chassis so to speak so one can get right to business with out reinventing the wheel.

So in this case if you are doing a FPS then the better option would be to use the ShooterGame example and start a new level and all of your sub-components requirements will be done.

Hi FrankieV,

The guns in the Shooter Example also clip through walls, look at the two pictures to see the clipping issue. This restricts the size of the first person weapon models, a rocket launcher or really BFG would clip badly:

I’ll have to take a closer look as to practical ways and means as like most I’m playing catch up.

One question on my list of question is just how global is collision detection and if you can put a collision volume on the gun then problem solved.

But looking at the example as the problem the problem is not with the weapon but the size of the blocking volume.

Total speculation on my part but using the ShooterGame some areas as to clipping are fine yet some areas clip so as far as clipping goes in a map it’s a mapmaker problem and they just need to make the blocking volume slightly larger than the wall.

Don’t want to play thread-necromancer here, but this is pretty much exactly the two questions that I need answers to as well.
To TL;DR this thread:

  1. First person weapon should not clip through walls. I need my collision boxes to be quite small, so I need some trickery. How do I do this?
  2. First person weapon should not reflect in mirrors / shiny walls. It looks stupid and creepy to have floating arms. How do I turn it off?

Sorry for the bump, but maybe this got overlooked during the holidays.
It’s really important, hopefully some1 has a solution

  1. you have to cheat a bit. This is how UT is doing it:

As you can see the Frist Person Mesh is pretty small and inside the character. Since it’s close to the camera it still looks big. The Weapon still clips for other players as the 3P Mesh is outside of the collision capsule.

Another solution would be to detect clipping/collision of the weapon with the wall and move it back or switch to another animation, where the character is not aming the gun anymore holding it close to the body or pointing it up/down. A lot of tactical shooters do this to add some realism.

I can’t really answer for 2).

Why the UE4 don’t have render layers like in UDK ?

I’m also struggling to find a solution to this as well.
I’m using a 3rd person camera set in the position of where the FPS camera would be.
The only reference found is what I an an others want to achieve can be found in this video on .
Any help how to create this would be fantastic. Thanks =)