First person cut scene in ue4?

Tried to ask this on the forum, but apparently nobody seemed to get interested :I
I’m trying to create a first person cutscene in the game. The cutscene it self would be composed with the player…doing stuff (the game mode let’s you see the characters body), and the camera moving along with his head.
For that I’ve made a separate character animation in blender and imported it to the engine.
What is the base way I can get it working in game?
I’m fairly new to the cutscene business so mind my stupid question.
I’ve heard about matinee, and even used it to make doors and stuff, but I can’t figure out how to use it in fp cutscenes.
Would be very thankful for help.

Now some info:
-using UE 4.7.2
-The player has a camera attached to a camera boom, attached to a socket on his head.
-Just making the animation play with blueprints doesn’t do the trick, since for some reason the camera doesn’t move, and the player doesn’t return to the previous state.

Side question: Any idea on how to make an animation that would only move things on the animated parts, and keep the rest normal? i.e. an animation of somebody waving his hand while running.