First person cut scene in ue4?

Hey forum.
I’m trying to create a first person cutscene in the game. The cutscene it self would be composed with the player…doing stuff (the game mode let’s you see the characters body), and the camera moving along with his head.
For that I’ve made a separate character animation in blender and imported it to the engine.
What is the base way I can get it working in game?
I’m fairly new to the cutscene business so mind my stupid question.
I’ve heard about matinee, and even used it to make doors and stuff, but I can’t figure out how to use it in fp cutscenes.
Would be very thankful for help.

Now some info:
-using UE 4.7.2
-The player has a camera attached to a camera boom, attached to a socket on his head.
-Just making the animation play with blueprints doesn’t do the trick, since for some reason the camera doesn’t move, and the player doesn’t return to the previous state.

Side question: Any idea on how to make an animation that would only move things on the animated parts, and keep the rest normal? i.e. an animation of somebody waving his hand while running.

Hi mate,

I’m in the cutscene/cinematics business for a long time already. Maybe I can assist. :wink:
The basic way the matinee itself works is pretty straight forward and simple.
You will only need a camera and you are good to go.

Do you know how to add the camera to the matinee?

  • While the camera is selected right click into the newly created matinee and "Add new Camera Group"
    -You can rename the camera track later, I simply go through it very quickly
  • You can already click on the little camera icon on the track’s right side and è voila you have you first very static matinee sequence. :wink:
  • Getting things correctly set up you will need to add a director node, which is the matinee’s control track for forcing to show one camera at a time. When triggering the matinee any time in the game, this will force to switch the camera to the one you set up in matinee.
    -Right click and select "Add New Director Group"
  • (1) Now you can see a new little window has been inserted between the curve editor and track sequencer. This is for the director track only.
  • **(2)**Adding a key to the director track will show a little pop up window allowing you to add your newly created camera to the track.
  • Here you can see the camera shot
  • When you click on the track’s camera icon you will automatically jump to the camera again, but this time it’s triggered by the active camera in the director track based on the timeslider position.


  • This is a little example to show you how you would normally approach a cutscene with different camera angles. I duplicated the original camera and added them to the matinee and set two more keys on the director track.
  • If you jump to the director camera now and scrub through the timeline you will have a cut at the scribbled times.

This is the basic camera setup for the matinee explaining how things work inside the tool.

Do you already now how to trigger the matinee sequence inside Blueprint?



Matinee and HUD/Viewport information

Hi Chris,

Since you are the expert… :smiley:

I can call a Matinee sequence to play back in Blueprints (using the Level Blueprint for Play on Start). What I would like to know is how to pull camera information from cameras in a Director group - For example: a camera’s name or FOV information, which I can see being exposed within Matinee’s camera animation tracks. So far, I have only been able to do this with a Player controlled camera but not one contained within Matinee.

Hi. Thanks for the reply, but that’s not what I had in mind.
Setting up matinee is a simple thing. The problem here is linking the matinees camera to the players animation.
But I’ve found a way over it.
I create a new element in the anim graph, and use variables to trigger it.

Hey. Found a nice way to do this junk, and even wrote a tutorial on it