First Person Charater movement irrespective of camera pitch

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I have a small problem with a First Person Character movement. It is actually a “Character” that I possess immediately after the level starts (Begin Play).
In the Character blueprint I have the following setup for the movement:


This is almost perfect for me. The one small change I would like to introduce is that I would like the character to go forward regardless of whether I look straight in front of me, to the ceiling or to the floor. Currently when I look at the ceiling/floor and press “W” to move forward the character tries to move in the exact direction where the camera points and this results in reduced/stopped movement at all. I do not want that effect, I would like movement to be executed regardless of this one camera dimension: up/down (I believe it is “pitch”, right?)

I have been trying for a while to unstruct the World Direction pins from above and play around with combining X,Y,Z between the nodes but nothing gave me the result I expect… I am new to UE4, I use version 4.23.

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OK, I found a solution.

For future generations:
Take a look at this answer:
Since the camera in my FP Characer is located under a Spring Arm this is the solution that worked for me:

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