First person character won't stop moving

My character won’t stop moving no matter what I do and it’s literally driving me insane (they move wherever the camera is facing). I found that the root of the problem is the first person controller, and this is what I have for movement:

It’s the same one from here: [Link][2]

If I replace the “inputaxis” with a simple key press, I stop moving automatically but I won’t continuously move if I hold the button down. I deleted the other “keybindings” like controller support just to be sure that that wasn’t the issue, but it didn’t fix anything.

As a second question, are these the same nodes for movement that the controller uses by default? If not, can someone show me an image of what it looks like? I don’t need this exact setup for movement, I just need something because I deleted it thinking I would never need it again. (The player was originally meant to be stationary, but I just decided to revamp and allow movement)

Hi there!

From what I can tell, it appears the error is that you haven’t connected the “Axis Value” from the MoveForward and MoveRight events into the “Scale Value” input of their respective Add Movement Input functions. In the link you shared, the connections are in place, whereas in the image you have they aren’t. Connect them and it should work as intended :slight_smile:

To answer your second question, it kind of depends on the type of game you’re making, but traditionally yes this is how you’d set up movement for a character.

Hope that helps!

i completely agree with titanic. also the setup your using is exactly like the one used in the third person example.

That was the problem, thank you! That’s what I get for working late at night I guess.