First Person Character has dissapeared

Hello, everybody, I’m actually doing a project for my school, I’m building a roman villa and now I have a problem. Idk why I just deleted the first person character and I can’t get it back, when I try to put one and I start playing, it start with a free camera instead of the actual character. What should I do? I’m very new in this so I need help to figure out what this problem could be and which is the solution for it. Thank you!

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Unreal Engine is pretty challenging to understand at first. I started a little over a year ago when I was 15 and it was very difficult to come from a simple game called LittleBigPlanet to an actual software for making games!
So anyways it might just take a week or two in order to get the main basics down so I hope that won’t stand in the way of your school project. So it sounds like you accidentally deleted the arms off the First Person shooter lol so it maybe easier to just add another First Person shooter Feature kit to the project by going to the top left corner of the screen were it says Add New and click that then click Add new Feature or content pack and then click the First Person One and that should create another Folder containing the content you need. Or if you know how go into the blueprint of the First Person shooter and see if his arms are their. FPSQ.png If you do re-add the FPS feature you need to go to the world settings and select the new First Person Game Mode that it created.

Sorry if I made this sound super complicating.

Hope this helps!
Feel free to ask more questions! :slight_smile: