First Person Character falling through the floor

Hello everyone, I’m still a novice using the UE4 and I’m facing an issue with my first person character falling through the floor. I searched alot, saw youtube tutorials and the UE4 docs, tryed all the solutions that I found but didn’t solve the problem. I checked my Project Settings, with the right Default Pawn Class as FirstPersonCharacter and Default Game Mode as FirstPersonGameMode; also set the Editor Start Up Map and Game Default Map to the right level; I have my Input Bindings set correctly (Action and Axis Mappings); I set the floor collision I set the Can character Step Up On to Yes and the Collision Presets tryed both as Default and also BlockAll ; I have the Player Start and on the Blueprints everything seems fine. The problem persists, maybe its a simple issue to solve but I don’t find a solution, does anyone have a clue of what the problem might be? I’ll attach a video of the falling.
Best regards everyone!


  1. make a collision on the floor mesh
  2. put blocking volume according your floor location
  3. check your pawn capsule component collision (it must block all) and collision must be enabled

Thank you very much for the reply! The 1) I already had a collision on the floor, but didn’t had the Blocking Volume, also on the 3) I had BlockAll but not sure if the collision is enabled? I’ll attach the screenshoots so you can check if I used the Blocking Volume right and the options are ok. If everythings is right still doens’t work :frowning:

“I already had a collision on the floor, but didn’t had the Blocking Volume” - one of them is enough. Look at your last image. Open hidden menu by clicking little triangle before collision presets. I think you need to setup collision presets (in both actors - in pawn and in floor) accordingly to desired behavior. (e.g. your floor’s object type is World Static and collision presets are BlockAll, and Pawn Capsule’s object type is Pawn, and collision presets Are Pawn. So this way will force this two object block each other). Please, spend some time to watch this link text

I think it will be very helpful.

Thank you very much for the reply. I already had those presets, I think they are right, will attach the images so you can check, I tried alot of different preset that I saw on youtube tutorials and I’ve already read all the documents about collision, I think I didn’t miss anything, but maybe I did but can’t figure what it is. The problem still presist.

if your floor mesh itself has a collision (collision->add box simple collision) and properly setup - my knowledge is depleted. I’m very sorry.

Yes, it has a Box simple collision, I also tried a complex one. Yours seems really fit to the box and mine is a little bit up could it be that? But it should be automatic I think. I’m really glad for your help. I’ll keep trying to solve this, but its so strange since everything seems to be right. If I find a solution I’ll post here, until then I hope someone else can help! Thank you very much :smiley:

just for test, try your floor it in new project. I have no idea what is going on.

I did it, and the floor worked in the other project, so it should work on this project but its not and they have the same settings, its really strange. :confused:

Hello guys! I didn’t find a solution to this problem, I think its probably a bug, because I recreated the project, but this time after I imported Datasmith, I did the collision for the floor and put the first person character and worked fine without the falling, with the same settings I had on the previous project, so I think it can be a bug since all the settings were the same but I did the collisions and character after everything else.
Doing the collision and setting up the character as a first step in the project (before everything else, like build lights, blueprints, materials, etc) prevented the issue.

Thank you for all the help everyone!
Best regards.

I am experiencing this exact same issue with imported CAD model via datasmith into a pre-built level with all actors set up correctly as a starter template. I will kee investigating and post if I find a solution. I’m a newbie also so maybe something simple but I have also applied collisions.


This is certainly a very late answer (2021 as opposed to 2018), but if this will help anyone, I had a similar issue but managed to find a way around it.

I was wondering why certain rocks I would fall through, and others I would not. This puzzled me because I thought that they were working before. But why not now?

I was puzzled, until it came to me: What does the Collision viewer show?

Lit Mode:

Visibility Collision:

Where are the Rocks? They don’t exist in this viewport!

I looked around and found that some rocks were visible while others were not. As I looked, it was only one type of rock that was the issue: The Starter Content rock. Why?

So I went into its editor. I played around in it until I found that either the collision was never there, or somehow the file got changed without meaning to. So I applied default Settings to it and everything appeared (or reappeared, I am not sure). But also setting Collision to Complex, and then using it as simple worked as well (otherwise simple would make it too blocky for my purposes)

It could be that I inadvertently messed up the settings, or some bug got in, or they were never there. I found that keeping the collision view open while playing with the collision settings of the object in its respective editor in another window helpful. I did not know what I was doing, but I figured if I flip the right things in the right area, something was bound to give.

Hopefully this helps,

I have an odd but similar issue.

For some reason whenever my Collision Capsule’s Width is not the same as the Half Height (ie a perfect sphere), the character falls through the floor. It doesn’t matter how big the collision capsule/sphere is, it can be 1 or 1000 and it won’t fall through, but slightly change the width (making it a capsule shape instead of a sphere) and it suddenly doesn’t collide anymore.

It’s never done this before, and I have other characters that don’t fall through even though their capsule isn’t a perfect sphere, and all the collision settings appear to be the same. I’m at a loss as to why the heck this is happening.

I could just delete the offending character and start over but I’d rather know why it’s doing this so I don’t have to keep deleting and starting over if it happens again in the future.