First person camera without parenting to character mesh

Title says it all really. I want to use a full character mesh but I don’t want to parent spring arm, with camera, to the head socket. Nor do I want to use just arms with an awkward third person shadow behind me. I know there are ways of doing this, but I am either stumped or have missed something super obvious. I have found a way to prevent a head (camera) movement of going up and down when my character walks. Basically something similar to what our eyes do, see first picture. Problem is, is it shudders a little when sprinting/running. Camera Spring arm is set at 170 for Z-axis.

I figured I’d post this topic here in hopes that others can look at this forum and find a useful solution instead of “just parent to mesh” advice. I know game developers have figured out a way, But i am stuck myself.

Something I am hoping to achieve eventually is something similar to what Star Citizen has done. Here is a video explaining what they have achieved: Any help will be appreciated.

P.S. If this forum needs to be moved, please do so or let me know and I will move it to a better spot.