First person camera creation?

So I am currently making a game and I have got to the point where I no longer want to fly around.

I have looked for tutorials on how to make a first person camera from scratch and all are out of date or not working I even tried to follow the on in the first person camera starter but it did not work either. So i was hoping that one of you lovely people would help me figure this out. THX

Please link all videos that will work thank you :slight_smile:

Have a good day

-Casper#? Hktmr

There’s plenty of documentation about this out there, but here you go:

  1. Make a new blueprint class that derives from the Character Class, I called mine First Person Character

  2. Add a camera component to your new Character BP it should look somewhat like this

  1. Now we need to handle input. Go to the event graph and set some nodes like this. (This parts assumes that you have already created the proper inputs in your project settings). It should look like this. Note: I copied this part exactly from the ThirdPersonCharacter blueprint that comes by default in the third person game template. (If you named your inputs differently then just use those instead)

  1. And finally select the camera component and under the camera settings tab, make sure that Use Pawn Control Rotation is checked

And voila you have a simple first person camera player. Hope this helps :smiley:

Edit: Also make sure that your game mode uses your new first person character blueprint as the Default Pawn Class If you don’t change it, the game mode will spawn a different character blueprint.

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Well, kinda not really. When I play the game in the viewport it does not work but when I simulate it does but I can not look up or down.

I had exactly what you had. Thx for trying tho :frowning: this is getting really annoying.

If you cannot look up or down is because you did not set the pawn control rotation to true. I tested this. It works. Believe me. Many people are saying this works. The skill you see here. It’s huuuuuge. Believe me.

Jokes aside. This works. I opened a new project and did this step by step as shown in my answer. Maybe you did a mistake somewhere or you have some settings in your project that I’m not aware of. If you are able to, please post some screenshots of the code, the camera settings, your game mode options and your input settings. Or if you are willing to share your project so I can take a look just post a download link and I will check it. But once again I assure you this works. I could make a video to show you but I don’t have the time right now.

It will not let me reply:(
But sorry this is late these are pics of my settings!

[alt text][2]

I just wanna say thank you a ton for helping me I really appreciate it

Looks like your “S” button should have a scale of -1.0 not 1.0

The reason why you can’t look up or down is because you set Look_Turn to -1.0 when it should be 1.0.
The same thing with Look_Up which should be -1.0.

Should be:

Look_Up - Mouse Y = -1.0

Look_Turn - Mouse X = 1.0

And your S setting should be -1.0 and not 1.0.

Move_Forward - S = -1.0