First-Person C++ Template, Events Not Firing In MyCharacter Blueprint

I’m pretty new to this Blueprint thing, and seem to have run into an issue. Searching on the web for solutions to different roadblocks I’ve run into has yielded great results, but it seems like this issue in particular is a bit unique.

So, basically, I’m using the Event Graph in the default MyCharacter blueprint to cause a progress bar on the screen to go up when a bool is set to true. To make sure the blueprint keeps checking the status of the bool (via Interface Message), I have an Event Tick node plugged into it. The problem is, upon starting the game, the tick doesn’t seem to be firing. I’ve also tried other types of events, and they don’t seem to be firing either. I’ve searched for the problem as thoroughly as I could, but no solutions seem to be working for me. Any ideas? Or is what I’m doing impossible. If so, what would be a better way of doing this?

Thanks in advance for any help, I really appreciate it.

EDIT: I realize I should mention that the Event Tick node is working fine in a different Blueprint in the same project, and that I know it’s not the best solution in most cases. I plan to find a more efficient way of getting this thing to work later, but regardless I need events to work (at least I think I do).