First Person BP Speed

Im using the first person blue print. Is there a way to change the speed of the character walking/turn speed?


The character itself has a movement component attached to it. Here you will find things like walk speed and turn speed.

Where exactly do i change the speed of them?

Click on CharacterMovementComponent, and look in the details panel for max walk speed, turn speed, etc.

I might be blind but cant see or figure out which is the turn speed.

Turn speed might be something selfmade. Turning happens by moving the mouse. Check the EventGraph for
a Look Event that controls your turn movement. There might by a variable called “BaseLookRate” or something.

When i doubt, just post a screenshot of the graph.

Ive found the base turn rate and change the value from 45 to 15 and even 180 on both but theres no change at all.

Bump, anyone else got any input?

The rules of the forum are to wait at least 4 days with no replies before bumping. I believe there is a checkbox that’s called something like ‘Use Turn Rate’ or something.

I don’t mind giving you instructions. Double click open FirstpersonBP>Blueprints>FirstPersonCharacter

Attached image highlighting where to select and change.

Select CharacterMovement (upper left of screen) for walk speed.
Select BaseTurnRate (lower left of screen) to change rotation rate.
Select the FirstPersonCamera and change the filter to Motion to get the setting to reduce or even remove the excessive default motion blur.
Unfortunately this doesn’t seem to have a run feature on it :confused: