First Person Blueprint - Camera Damping?

Is there an option in project settings or a default camera’s Blueprint that enables you to a turn on camera damping? I need a smoother/fluid camera movement that is not so hard/instantaneous (in Editor, Sim and Play).

I am considering updating the First Person player(camera) blueprint but not (yet) sure how to set up TInterp to.
I suspect the player(camera) transform will be wired into TInterp:current but not sure what to use for TInterp:target.

I’ve been searching for ‘camera damping’ in Answers,Forum,Wiki but not finding anything related to single camera movement so perhaps I am searching for the wrong UE terminology.

Tinterp to is for transform, transform contain three part : Location, Rotation and Scale

So if you want only location changing, use Vinterp to

The target means which point you want to move to ( if you use Tinterp, it also change the rotation and scale)

Also, this function need to be used in Event Tick