First-Person Animation


Using this plug-in you may create animations rapidly using simple tools inside the Unreal editor.
Take a glimpse at the showcase video:

If you’d like to see the animations live, you may download a playable version from my shared repository here.

I use this plug-in in a horror game and development is just so much faster with it; you can create high-quality animations in a matter of minutes and tweak them just as fast. The plug-in even provides you tools to disable certain animations features so you can see specific parts of the animation.

Brief feature description:
This plugin is intended for first-person based animations. Using vector curves, you can animate the camera’s rotation and local position. The animation is performed by ‘delta-shifting’ the transform meaning the player can move the camera while the animation is playing.
The actor position and rotation can be animated in a similar way. The system is kept modular so you can add your custom animations types; you for instance write up a module in C++ and Blueprints through which you animate the bones of a third-person character if you really wanted.

The plug-in also comes equipped with animation blending. For instance, in the video the character is in a fall loop but on ground impact the land on ground animation must be played. The animations transition smoothly in the video because they use animation blending. Without it, you would see a sudden ‘jump’ of camera position/rotation.

There is also a set of configurations that appear in the project settings. While some will enable / disable certain log warnings, there are some very useful ones for disabling certain animation features for better tweaking. You can tell it to not animate camera position and only do rotation, and vice versa for instance; I found that sometimes it is difficult to notice actor positioning when there is a lot of rotation. Using this features, it is easier for you to tweak animations.

The system allows gameplay scripters to explicitly specify blend and playback behaviour when they start an animation, or for the system to automatically determine which parameters to use by looking up its configuration. Say you always want a specific blend behaviour to be used when you transition into animation B from animation A, then this is of course possible.

The future:
I intend to make this content available on the marketplace soon. Once it is, I will create a playlist on YouTube showing you how to harness its features to create content efficiently; I will also discuss how to extend the code to your needs.

Thanks for giving this post a look!

Great work!
But I think the name is too general and can’t really lead a good guess what it is.

I would like to update the title of this thread to more accurately match what this plugin does.
Would you prefer the term First Person or Camera Animation Plugin?

Hi. That would be very nice of your, Kirs; imo First-person Animation Plugin hits it better. Thank you for the feedback on that, too, Isatin.