FIrst Person Animation on 3rd Person Character?

Wondering if its possible to use First person shooter reload animations on a third person character. I’ve seen a bit about animation retargeting, but not sure if it only works for 3rd person. I’m a noob on UE4 so any help on this is appreciated.

You should check if the skeletal mesh of the FPS character has similarities with the skeletal mesh of the 3rd person.

If they do, check out this documentation: Using Layered Animations | Unreal Engine Documentation

I think you can.
I once retargeted two skeletal meshes, but forgot to retarget the arms. It worked, but with no arm animations, so that means, that you can retarget specific parts.
So, retarget the arms, and use skeletal controls in the animation blueprint to ONLY affect those animations.
Good luck

The bones should be the same, so applying First person animations to Third person should be fine. But, don’t forget that FPS animations are usually done for the camera, and that there are many that will look terrible when viewed from another angle.