First Person 1D Aim offset is wrong

Hi everyone, I’m close to having a proper true first person setup (definitely need to work on animation blending) but my issue right now is that the hands aren’t following quite like they need to.

Anyone else encountered this? so far i’m using rotation yaw for turning and a 1d aim offset for pitch but the pitch is acting up so the hands are going through each other and the aim is off.

Check it out:

I have a feeling this is quite easy to fix but i’m probably not experienced enough to know off the top of my head, plenty of digging and tweaking has gone on and i still cant figure it out.

Any ideas? Would greatly appreciate any help.

Many thanks,


PS if anyone is wondering how I even got this far I basically followed a tutorial on making the third person blueprint in first person then a tutorial on aim offsets but instead of using a full aim offset I used a 1D one instead.

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Which joint are you rotating? Shoulders?
If so there is your issue. You have to use IK to keep left hand attached to the right arm if you rotate the right shoulder.
Easier way would be rotating the chest joint that both shoulders root into, then hands shouldn’t act like that.