first mod. works in the simulator but not in the game

I test it in the development kit, it works fine. I cook it, no problems, i upload it(as private). All good. I subscribe to it. downloads no problem. I boot into no dediacated server and make sure my mod is in the list of subscribed mods. I start the game, the mod doesn’t work. Any idea why?

Thank you.

What’s the mod do? The best way to test this is to set the mod first in the list for your dedicated server. When you press escape, it’ll display that mod’s title/description. Depending on what the mod is supposed to do, we can help you out with different ways to test it.

It’s a stacker mod

I’m not sure if it will only run in the testmap. If so, that’s no good. I want it tu run in any map.

What have you edited in primalgamedata, and are your resources children or copies of the original? Also, are you using giveresources and/or farming for them?

Just the game mode to point it to mine.

Neither. it changes defaults through scripting on event begin play

I don’t understand the question.

PrimalGameData -> remap items -> all resources and consumables. As for how you’re testing it, are you logging onto a dedicated server and whacking trees, or are you typing “giveresources”? Same question for the dev kit. In PrimalGameData, there is a section for primary resources; that’s what’s given to you when you type giveresources.

when i test it in the simulator there are no harcestable resources , so i type cheat giveitemnum 252 6 0 0. In any simulation situation, it adds adds 6 prime then removes 4 as the default max per slot is redefined to 2. When i run the mod though the game on the undedicated server using the theisland map, the same command reveals the system default of one item per stack, whcih is not what it should do. I can’t help thinking the mod is somehow binding to the testmap and will only work in it.

Go to file -> open level to get small sections of the island. It loads at max settings by default, though. And aggressive dinos spawn everywhere.

You’ll find that a lot of things work in the dev kit but not on live servers, and sometimes it’ll work on single player but not multiplayer. Are you loading this mod first?

no but the only to other mods are glassmetal, and rounded walls. Ironically. one of the test modes is playing via standalone game and that spawns ark, the mod works there too but again, only on the test map.