First Mod; Spawn Actor projectile only fires "straight"

Hey guys!

I am attempting to build a new grenade launcher attachment for the assault rifle, and a new assault rifle i made that fires arrows. The first step is simply to get a rocket to fire when pressing a button.

Currently, I have the rocket spawning and firing from the box component I added to the rifle, but it only fires “straight”. It will not fire in the direction I am aiming. It seems like the transforms rotation is off, but when I breakpoint it, it seems to have the correct values. I am attaching the graph and component in question.

Is there a better way to do this? Keep in mind this needs to work on rifles as well as the crossbow.

Bonus question that I have not started debugging yet: since I set the spawnactor to fire the rocket launcher, the guns main fire only shoots rockets instead of the arrows its supposed to fire!