First Mod Problems

Hi all im new here and new to the Unreal Engine and ARK.

Im started on my first mod. A very simple one just to learn the basic things.
In short words its a small mod that add a berry recipe with multiple berries. So no new models or maps, only a new items and Engram.

But im running into alot of starting problems on the way.

Right now i have a problem with the mod always want to be first in load order?
And that is a problem as i have a few other steam mods like the hud mod that also need to be first to work.
So what is it in a mod that make it require to be loaded first in the load order?
Like my mod to be able to load from anywere in the load order.

Also from what i can read on how it works my mod is clean and du not change anything from the original game files.

Hope someone can help?

Ok i have read this guide:

And hi talks about no having anything in the FORCE LOAD MAP NAME under world settings. So i dont’ its all empty.

This guy here say i must not change anything in the testgamemode BP. No changes there.

But still my mod will only load if its nr. 1 in the load order?

Plz. help someone :slight_smile:

Ok i found out what the problem is with the load order.
All Tutorials on the net tell you to do it one way. But it was all changed in a dev kit update. So now you don’t add items to the master list and engrams to is now added to the Additional Engram Blueprint Classes.
This is not said in any tutorial out there i have found :S

Yes, all of the tutorials to date, seem to be out-of-date… its a running problem and is very frustrating, however I am sure in due time, they will be updated, or deleted/removed from posts. IF I ever figure out the ins/outs of this DevKit and the way its set up, I will make some tutorials on the Basics, ie; Changing stats of existing items and getting them to work/spawn in game with the changed variables/stats, or adding a brand new item, such as in your case.

Care to elaborate kongkim?

What exactly are the differences to make a mod stackable?
Or where did you figure it out?

if you change any base item it’s no longer stackable. making children or copies of everything you change should make it stackable