First Mod Problems

Hi all im new here and new to the Unreal Engine and ARK.

Im started on my first mod. A very simple one just to learn the basic things.
In short words its a small mod that add a berry recipe with multiple berries. So no new models or maps, only a new items and Engram.

But im running into alot of starting problems on the way.

Right now i have a problem with the mod always want to be first in load order?
And that is a problem as i have a few other steam mods like the hud mod that also need to be first to work.
So what is it in a mod that make it require to be loaded first in the load order?
Like my mod to be able to load from anywere in the load order.

Also from what i can read on how it works my mod is clean and du not change anything from the original game files.

Hope someone can help?