First Mod: Alteria (Feedback needed)

My goal for Alteria is to have a map with an American Old West feeling. It is meant to be a fairly flat map with some mountains and raised areas. The goal is to have the survivor live more on the land and use its resources to get by. I would like to try to keep this map as far from fantasy as possible but still have fantasy elements in its landscape. Almost like taking a trip back to the Old West and seeing the sights of the time rather than seeing floating islands and giant wyvern scars. Biomes planned are as follows.

-Badlands (60%)
-Plains (0%)
-Desert (20%)
-Tundra (0%)
-Taiga (0%)
-Redwoods (0%)
-Archepeligo (5%)
-Marsh/Swamp (0%)

Things included so far are as follows.
-Harvestable rocks and foliage
-Fully working water
-Main idea for the terrain is complete for the entire map

These are not set in stone but I hope some ideas suggested in the comments might help me figure out some features to add in the future. Thank you all in advance.

My first mod for Ark Survival Evolved. I need feedback and critiques to see if I am making a map feel interesting. It only has the Badlands/ Desert biome nearly complete. It needs crystal, obsidian, Metal, and oil nodes for me to feel satisfied. Those will be added soon enough.

An important thing to note is that this map was started around 13 hours ago. It honestly feels like I’m playing a game with really good landscaping tools.

Please provide respectful feedback or provide some ideas that you might want to see.

The attached images are from some areas that I feel look best as well as an overview of the map.

Hey there @KalugaStudios,

Could also post your mod in the community showcase section of the forum and get feedback from there as well!

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Thank you, I’m new around here so I’m unsure where everything is.

Alteria’s deserts are coming to life. Based off of the Sonoran Desert in the American West, the rocks can hide predators such as Dire Wolves, Hyaenodons, Sabertooth Cats, Terror Birds, and Carnotaurus. You must take caution when exploring these hills or you might lose your gear. You may find some useful resources such as metal and crystal here and there.

Desert has now been bumped up to 50% complete.

Below are some WIP screenshots to give you all some of the vibe of this desert.



Have you consulted the mod on the Tech Loky site? I feel quite good, you can compare and improve your mod. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: