First Map or Develop ?

Hi guys . I want to make an open world game .so i have a question . Can i start with the map design before the developing? Please give short answers, thank u all …

Don’t waste too much time on a open world map when there’s a lot that might change as you develop your project.

You’re probably better off quickly using some procedural generation or real world data and grey boxing areas.

I’ll take the flip side to ^^ THIS ^^… Absolutely start on the level design first (asap)… For starters, its easier to begin that way. It also helps to drive gameplay later on. That said… Its equally valid to not do that, and instead build gameplay mechanics out first. It just depends on how fully formed your ideas are… Or how much they need to be drawn out over time by iterating on a level or levels etc.

For some, looking at greyscale untextured levels for months / years doesn’t put them off… For others that’s a kiss of death, and makes them give up completely… Two distinct views - both valid… So there is no right answer here, you’ll just have to decide for yourself. :stuck_out_tongue: But whichever path you choose, start soon. Don’t put it off, as there’s too much to learn (many skills / techniques to master)…

No, that would be a waste of time.

Your first level should be a test room with all characters, weapons, enemies etc… in one small map. Once all these things are working properly, THEN build the world and populate the world with these objects that you tested in your test map.