First/local player ignores gamepad input

I have this issue in all UE4 versions, from 4.16 to 4.23, has been like this since at least April (I know because I had written a comment in the answerhub about it back then) and it happens in all projects, even fresh first person template projects. It hasn’t always been this way. I know gamepad input worked properly at some point when I used 4.22.

The gamepad is a wired xbox 360 controller. It works perfectly in Windows 10 and in the UE4 editor viewport (to fly around and look around), but when I press play, the game completely ignores all gamepad input, both axis and actions.

However, when I added a second player, that one moved when using the controller. Now, I know there’s an option in Editor Preferences called “Route 1st gamepad to 2nd client”, and theres an option in Project Settings called “Skip Assigning Gamepad to Player 1”, and neither of those are checked for me. I have also tried checking and unchecking those in all combinations, but nothing changes.

If I have 3 players, only player 3 gets the gamepad input.

This is a gamestopping bug for me. I love UE4 and have for many years, but if I can’t get this fixed, going over to Unity is the only option.