First Landscape - Snow Environment

Hopefully you guys like it, not 100% complete but close. Just personal practice, not going to be a game.

Looks good!

Looks really good! All I’d suggest is this…

You’ve made teh trees very large. Which I assume is deliberate, but unfortunately to me it just made everything else look too small. That is until abotu 3 minuntes into the video when the camera was a lot closer to the ground. For the most part, you have made the video in a way that looks like it is at head height and the trees are normal sized, so when you get to the tents, fences, town, etc. they all look miniature. I’d suggest in later videos making the camera little lower to the ground to really drive home that the trees are enormous and everything is normal sized :slight_smile:

The only other criticism I have is that the mountains in the background could be larger, as sometimes when you turn they look quite close and small. Making them bigger and further away would help with this.

Otherwise, looks awesome dude! And nice choice for the music :wink: Keep up the great work!

Thanks for the criticism, I’ll definitely keep those things in mind for future projects!

Yep tents look pretty small. And I live next to the mountains so I think they could be bigger.

What 3D software did you use to make this?

Just UE4 and my brother made a few things in Zbrush.