First Initial load screen for a packaged .exe file. Is it possible?

Hi guys,

I’m currently working on a project for a client, and I’d like to make this game feel like the money’s worth. One thing I’d love to add is a basic loading screen for the first startup when packaged. The default system is just a black screen that then loads my functions connected to the “EventBeginPlay”. I’ve seen bits here and there about this and there hasn’t really been a concrete answer. I have no experience in C++ and this is worrying because from what I have read, it gets mentioned a bit but I’d like to think you can do this in the editor with blueprints? I just need a simple screen that has a loading bar and maybe an image but nothing too fancy. Can anyone help me out?

Thanks in advance!

I think in the settings there is a splash screen setting now? Although Im pretty sure that without C++ you cant have animated loading screens.

You could do clever things with level streaming though and a UI that covers the whole screen.

I’ve made a splash screen that opens whilst the .exe is launching but when the window opens, it sits on the default black screen for a few seconds then loads the first “EventBeginPlay” functions. I just need something to sit on the black screen, just a loading bar of some sorts. A bit like the update display when you update an iOS device. As simple as that. I just have no experience at all with C++.

Then make a blank level which loads your level as a Streaming Level, then plays a video on some UI on screen, then show the streaming level when it has loaded and hide the video UI.

You wont be able to make an actual loading bar without C++ (you dont need to know how to code, just how to compile a plugin, it will take a couple hours to learn the process from scratch), you could make a pretend one if you wanted but you could only guess the loading time for each machine you run it on

In the menu starter kit I use in my project , the first level is the menu screen. so I’m thinking you could go to a menu screen of sorts that loads instantly , ( like just a backround picture in a widget), then click play or start or whatever and then it throws a load screen.