First Head- or Heartshot not registering (ISSUE)

Hello Unreal-Community!

I have been working on a FPS-Game for a while now. Everything works great (recoil, ricochet, blood splatter) but there is ONE thing not working! It are the Head- and Heartshot mechanics in my game. I have a “test dummy” standing in my game. He has a mesh (Normal body parts) he also has a Headshot Capsule and a Heartshot Capsule. The Damage Multiplication and everything works, but the first shot on the dummy, for example 1st hit **Headshot **will not be registered. The Damage doesn’t multiply and i don’t get a headshot message. But if i shoot the head twice, it will work just fine. The first shot is always a body-shot. This transfers to all other shots being “delayed”. So i hit the head, then the body, the bodyshot will still be a headshot. I will attach Images. If you have any further questions that you need to identify the problem, let me know.