First Game in UE4 (Survival Horror)

Hey guys. I’ve spent the last few months learning UE4 and finally started putting my first game together. The game is going to be survival horror in the style of P.T and Allison Road. I’m hoping to get some criticism and feed back as I post some progress pics. So far I’ve just been doing it using the “figure it out as I go” approach haha. I have zero knowledge of programming so I may need a programmer at some point. We’ll see when I get to that point. So far i got the walls and trim all set and recently did some door frames. The progress is pretty slow at the moment since I’m still learning.

Not too happy with the window frame at the moment. Might rework it, it looks a little boxy to me.

Finished the door


Very slow progress, but it’s still progress :slight_smile:

make some lightning flashes throught window :D, this will make me scarry


first you have to imagine window :smiley: lol, feel the darkness,

some monster inside pillow from frankenstein sanatory

Re-worked the window frame. Modeled and added some lights.


It’s definitely a struggle to get a good lampshade material. Does anybody have any advice on this?

As I can see u have incredible sense for details,

hmm, depth to translucent shader?i think ?!? ? you should make your own shader “material” and read depth from scene and multiply color by this value with some distance rules.
but, it is really not easy thing if u will do this way… maybe someone else will give u a better solution

I wanted to post u image but its not working for me in this forum, if I pick image from hdd, there is no
[ok] button: lol

Happy to see you’re not giving up! Go on, and keep adding stuff.

Create a to-do list and start filling it and crossing things out of it, one by one… you’ll keep forward! Good luck!

Well guys i kept my assets from that project but began reworking the environment. One of my flaws is I like everything to be exactly the way I like it and I’m known to scrap projects and start over to make it better.

The Hallway

Still working on the materials for the wall and floor for that one

Literally just spent all day working on my materials for the wall and floor

Feedback appreciated

The material for the wall looks very realistic. Keep up the good work!

Working on that kitchen


It’s looking great so far. Keep it up! :smiley:

Hey can you Please tell me how you make those walls like that?