First game development

Hi to everyone reading this :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been learning Unreal in and out for some time now and mainly used it to create VR projects for archviz and some other minor stuff. I’ve been working in the archviz industry for the last 15 years so I have some background in general 3D. I also have been a huge gamer since late 80’s to date with my first pc being a 286 and my first console a used Atari 2600 which I guess mom got from I don’t know where :). Anyways, the point is, I love games, I love gaming and everything related to them. My whole life dream was to work making games but at the time I took a dive into the 3d realm there was no opportunities nor information (let alone careers) for this in my country, so I sticked to the general side of 3D and ended up doing archviz. It was the logical outcome since I studied architecture :).
Years passed, I made my life around architecture but the real passion was always there while I watched it from far passing by. At some point during my career I stopped learning 3D from architecture sources because I felt like there were no new challenges and everyday tasks where the same and repetitive. I now this, at some point, is true for everyone, but I needed to freshen up and start something new that would let me enjoy creating 3D again.
So I decided to start learning from the people in the game industry and at the time my mind exploded like a supernova. I didn’t understand ■■■■ about anything at first, but that wouldn’t stop me to be facinated and wanted to see more. So I keep learning stuff everyday until I got to this day in which I felt confident enough to make my dream come true :slight_smile: and create a game.
So I took a leap of faith and started to work in this game, in which I put as many hours as I can and I truly hope some day to see it finished. I never made anything like this in my life so I have no idea how I am going to tackle most of the challenges that will come. When I say I have no idea I mean, I don’t have the knowledge yet :slight_smile:
I can say doing this is way more fun than actually playing games (though I play quite a lot) but every step of the way is a real challenge because I have to learn almost everything, also it is worth mentioning that I have absolutely no knowledge on programming so everything will be based on blueprints, thanks Epic for that one :)…
So here I am, 20 years later with my inner child glowing strong pushing hard to fullfil a lifetime dream.
It is worth saying that, I am not posting this to showoff anything (because I don’t have anything :P) or get a job or anything like that. I am doing this for fun and because I love it so the only thing I seek is advice, the knowledge of the talented people here in this community, because I will most definitely need it and will be more than grateful to the people willing to give it as I share my progress. I started this less than a month ago so there is not much to show and I am not following any industry standard procedures (which I am well aware of) in terms of planning or development. I just do what I feel like I will enjoy doing at any particular moment :slight_smile:

About the game, I have a name and a story (which I am still writing) so everything I created so far has a purpose but I would like to show more about this when I can give it more context. It is set in an extra solar planet and from the moment you end up there it is always a race against time for survival. You have limited oxigen, no food, supplies, just a handfull of things that will help you stay alive the first hour (if you manage to do that :)) and your sole objective is to return to orbit to your ship. It is basicaly solving problems and puzzles to stay alive a little more while you find a way to escape the planet. It is a little open world game. A 4km2 map with lots of settlements with different functions, a couple of industrial facilities and a couple of underground levels including a mine. Right from the start, you will be able to go where ever you want (or you oxigen or strenght let you). But some places will be have no power or be inaccessible at any given particular moment, just the usual thing in an open world scenario.
I think of it as a mashup between an FPS from the player point of view with graphic adventures from the 90s. I am I huge fan of that genre, my all time favourite game is Sam & Max Hit the Road :slight_smile:
So, everything will be created around logic and making logical desicions. There will be no clues, no hints or any kind of help to the player. The player will have to figure out by him/her self how to stay alive before the time runs out, you will have to think. That’s a thing I liked about old school games. They were significantly more difficult, not difficult just for the sake of being difficult, but because you needed to think and sometimes quite a lot :))

Anyways, as I said, I hope someday see this finished and see someone playing it through. Any guidance, any help as I as post stuff will be more than appreciated. And as many not native english speakers say, sorry for my english haha, it is not my native language.

Thanks for reading

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