First-ever Online Course for RTS Game Programming in C++ for UE4!

Do you want to code your own RTS game in UE4 using C++ ? This course takes you from a blank slate to the completion of a fully playable RTS game in C++ on Unreal UE4 with studio quality assets that are included as part of the course with royalty-free, commercial license.

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Learn more at…-on-unreal-ue4!

Why are you not at Udemy or co?

Hey @HeckMeckTS, We think Udemy is a great place. But authors have minimal control over the course once it is delivered to Udemy and that’s why we are choosing this custom hosting method.

Folks, the URL is being changed because we are getting a custom domain address. Apologies for the delay. The link should be live tomorrow. We are taking down the old link for system transfer.

Hey everyone, here is the link to use:

And if you use code HOLIDAYCHEER you’ll save $100 :slight_smile:

Also we have created an YouTube channel for this course. Lots of snippets about the course. Check it out.

Hi, I’m somewhat interested in this course, but when I go on the webpage, there seems to be only 30 videos. Are you adding more or are the 30 videos the entire course? For nearly $400 dollars 30 videos of length 10 min each seems not enough to cover an entire RTS game