First effort to import a building from Minecraft into Unreal Engine 4

Edit: added a video demo (this is not the same cathedral)

Took a good while for it to import and its not perfect used jMC2obj to maya then exported it as .fbx however a) the whole thing appears a bit too shiney and b) having issues with torches showing a 2d backdrop? (didn’t have time to rebuild as it was late) but thought id show my first effort. the light inside is from a single point light :-).

looks like the image did not post

it should have? updated it to show a video render i have…

the problem is jmc2obj tool to export parts of minecraft maps apparently makes every single block a polygon making the model in the video over 4 million polygons…a bit too much to use real time…but thankfully i set my graphics settings to low in the game placed the cameras and then rendered it to video in the matinee editor. :-p

It works now, it looks great!

thanks! now if i can figure out how to do proper UV mapping to get more then pre-build preview quality lighthing :-p doesnt help when the models have 4+ million polygons lol

Very cool :slight_smile: I think I remember you telling me it took forever too render the movie

look under the material that’s used to give everything a texture, there should be something to make it less glossy (might also need to look over the youtube vids)

How did you do this exactly mate?